Coaching for lawyers

Encore coaching is focused on lawyers, as I bring my more than thirty years of lawyering as background to the coaching.

My role in coaching is to support and challenge mid-career and senior lawyers, from a space of respect, confidentiality and trust.

Connecting with individuals at a deep and potentially transforming level is, for me, worthy work, in line with my values.  It is the deep personal connection that creates the potential for change.

Coaching is in het Nederlands and in English

Why Coaching?
Attorneys/lawyers come to coaching for any number of reasons.  For example,

  • They are reaching for the next level in their work and in themselves
  • They are approaching the end of their careers and asking themselves:  now what?
  • They feel stuck in their work and don’t know how to get unstuck
  • They are voluntarily or involuntarily transitioning out of their current work and look for the next step.