How it works

During an initial introductory meeting we discuss your motivation for coaching and the issues and opportunities you want to address in coaching.

We figure out the details of meetings, costs and payment.

We discuss the commitment from both sides that coaching requires, including complete confidentiality, and we set expectations for you time and energy commitment.

You decide whether you want to proceed.

Coaching agenda
Your coaching question or goal sets the agenda for our work, keeping in mind that your questions or goals must be addressed in the context of who you are – your values and your strengths – and the context in which you work and live.

Each coaching session has an agenda that we determine jointly.

Learning and potential
Coaching can help you to

  • see problems or circumstances with a deeper awareness and respond with a broader repertoire of behavior
  • identify and operate from your strengths and consistent with your values
  • transform your typical patterns of reaction into conscious responses that further both your goals and your connection with others
  • develop break-through attitudinal and behavioral changes and deliberate practices to support you in reaching your goals
  • become your best version of yourself.

Active collaboration
Coaching involves listening intently and engaging you in open conversation and exploration at a level much deeper than is the norm in business and professional setting.

It offers techniques to deepen your own understanding of the issues we address and together we develop strategies for handling them effectively.

Coaching both supports and challenges you to expand your repertoire of responses to the challenges and opportunities that come along.  Coaching is committed to your success and well-being

Mastery and embodiment
Our goal is to have you leave the coaching relationship with increased resilience, strength and creativity and empowered with skills, practices and strategies that you can access and apply successfully in the future.